• To position Meriahtek as the leading scheduled wastes management and recycler.
  • To provide innovative and pollution-free technology for base metal recycling and recovery of precious metal.
  • To ensure customer service quality and satisfaction.
  • To ensure compliance with relevant environmental rules and regulations established by the authorities.

Core Value

We strive to achieve our Mission by embracing these core values:

  • Safety, health and environmental focus
  • Consistent top quality service
  • Uphold high standards of professionalism, integrity and ethics
  • Value people, employee and teamwork
  • Encourage innovation to address the ever-changing needs of environmental protection.
  • Maintaining good and ethical business practice
  • Integrity in business culture
  • Honesty in management and operation
  • Harmony in organization and customer relation
Prescribed Facility licensed by Department of Environment Malaysia
Your Trusted & Preferred ECO-Partner in E-Waste Management & Precious Metals Recovery